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    Splunk Products

    Investigate, monitor, analyze and act on your data with one platform for all your data.

    Data-to-Everything Platform

    Get real-time insights for enhanced productivity, security, profitability and competitiveness.


    Modernize your security operations with our portfolio of advanced data, analytics and operations solutions that help your team stay agile and ready to defend against the latest threats.

    IT Operations

    Prevent outages with modern IT management solutions for full-stack service monitoring, predictive analytics and streamlined troubleshooting.


    Go from problem detection to resolution with one solution for all your observability needs, including infrastructure monitoring, APM, RUM, synthetics, log analytics and incident response, all powered by OpenTelemetry.

    Do More With Splunk

    Customize your Splunk experience by taking advantage of the Splunkbase app ecosystem or use our developer resources to create your own apps

    apps and add-ons

    Apps & Add-Ons

    Apps from Splunk, our partners and our community enhance and extend the power of the Splunk platform.

    Get More Out of Splunk
    apps and add-ons

    Open Development Platform

    Developers can build custom Splunk applications or integrate Splunk data into other applications.


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    Get started with Splunk today.

    Customize the Data-to-Everything Platform your needs with tailored solutions for all your data needs.