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    Splunk Observability vs. New Relic monitoring

    Splunk’s modern APM solution is custom built for cloud-native environments. New Relic’s legacy APM tool is designed for static, heavy, monolithic applications of the past.

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    Why Splunk Observability Cloud

    Unlike New Relic, Splunk Observability Cloud is created for modern, cloud-native environments and has a simple pricing structure. We offer a proven platform that helps teams deliver better results faster. New Relic’s limited ability to scale, use of partial data and only basic AI capabilities slow down your pace of innovation, complicates the troubleshooting process, misses issues and creates organizational silos.

    Try the Splunk Observability Cloud free for 14 days. No credit card required

    New Relic vs Splunk

    Legacy monitoring tools like New Relic were designed for static, heavy, monolithic applications running on-prem. Splunk Observability Cloud, on the other hand, is designed to support modern microservices-based apps, single page applications and cloud-native environments.

    Feature Comparison Splunk Legacy APM Tools
    Infrastructure Monitoring    
    Application Performance Monitoring (APM)    
    Real User Monitoring    
    Synthetic Monitoring    
    Incident Response  
    Comprehensive Logs    
    Streaming Analytics    
    Full-Fidelity Tracing - No Sampling    
    Web Optimization    
    Comprehensive Integrations    
    Instant Root Cause Error Visibility    
    Supports 1000+ Containers    
    Support for Distributed Tracing    
    Leading Contributor to OpenTelemetry    

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    Splunk APM Highlights

    Speed and Efficiency

    • Our streaming architecture and AI-driven analytics alert on problems and recommend actionable insights in mere seconds.
    • Splunk Observability Cloud empowers developers with modern, high-performance tools so that they spend less time troubleshooting.
    • Splunk offers the only end-to-end full-fidelity NoSample? distributed tracing solution that stores the data of every single trace.
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    Built for Today’s Data Age

    • Designed to address the complexities of cloud-native environments.
    • The industry’s most advanced observability suite, bringing together out-of-the-box Kubernetes monitoring, full-fidelity APM and RUM, comprehensive logs, synthetic monitoring with web optimization, and intelligent incident response.
    • The only end-to-end full-fidelity solution to help you find ANY user-impacting issue.
    • Committed to open source data collection and OpenTelemetry..
    • Domain-centric AI analyzes and learns based on all your data.
    • A superior UI with a dynamic service map that allows you to identify the root cause of errors at a glance.
    • Contextual links between metrics, traces, and logs to easily understand how your applications are behaving.

    Analyst Reports

    Industry Leader and the only Outperformer*

    Splunk has been ranked No. 1 in Gartner’s latest Market Share Analysis for IT Operations Management**

    *GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability, 2021, Worldwide, 2021, Andy Thurai, 26 February 2021

    **Gartner Market Share Analysis: ITOM Perfomance Analysis Software, Worldwide, 2019, Laurie F. Wurster and Supradip Baul, 17 June 2020

    Customer Quotes

    New Relic really is an application performance monitoring tool. Don't try and make it anything else than that.

    Senior DevOps engineer, International online payments platform

    New Relic has a ways to go before it can be used within a large enterprise

    Lead QA engineer, International financial services software platform

    Alerts using metrics are still very simple and limited

    Product Manager Cloud, Retail technology manufacturer

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