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    cloud-driven transformation

    Secure, operate and innovate faster across your multicloud and hybrid environment with the industry’s leading data platform and solutions.

    The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation

    Drive business outcomes at all stages of your cloud journey.

    Succeed across environments

    Manage complexity and break down silos across your ecosystem, from on-prem to cloud-native

    Power agility

    Move quickly, be adaptive and innovate faster, while keeping costs in check

    Rapidly act on all of your data

    Turn massive amounts of data into doing across security, IT, DevOps and beyond

    The challenge

    Overcome cloud complexity

    Cloud is critical to modernization but the added complexity can cause business transformation efforts to fail. Organizations are dealing with:

    • More services to monitor and secure
    • More potential points of failure and unpredictability
    • More data across an expanded attack surface
    • More tools causing data silos and blindspots between systems

    Splunk helps organizations manage this complexity and accelerate their multicloud and hybrid strategies.


    Realize the full potential of cloud transformation

    With the powerful combination of the leading data platform and purpose-built solutions, Splunk provides unparalleled visibility across your ecosystem so you can rapidly take action.

    customer story

    Nasdaq Goes All-In on Cloud

    Leading stock market index discovers what it takes to thrive in the Data Age with Splunk.

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    We view Splunk as a strategic partner in our cloud journey, and a key part of our delivery and understanding of what's going on with our customers and how they use our products.
    – Brad Peterson, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Nasdaq
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