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    Reduce noise and stop threats

    Bring full context to high-priority incidents so you can respond quickly and confidently.

    reduce noise reduce noise


    Determine the scope and root cause of incidents

    high value tasks high value tasks

    Focus on high value tasks

    Respond quickly and appropriately in the event of a security breach.

    Splunk has given us an opportunity to consolidate that view across our ships and 10 corporate offices around the world. We now have the ability to bring that data together, and interrogate it in ways that we’ve never been able to do before.

    Gary Eppinger, Chief Information Security Officer and Global Privacy Officer, Carnival Corp.

    Reduce alert fatigue

    Surface all relevant context immediately for high-fidelity alerts and faster investigations.

    reduce alter fatigue reduce alter fatigue
    gain visbility gain visbility

    Gain the visibility you need

    Flexible dashboards and tables provide deep insight into your environment.

    Share critical security intelligence

    Comprehensive collaboration and reporting capabilities ensure efficient knowledge transfer across teams for informed decision-making.

    share critical security intelligence share critical security intelligence
    slack slack


    Enforce Security Best Practices

    Splunk is a key part of Slack’s ability to operate a zero trust network. Because Splunk gives us the visibility into all the activity that’s happening across all of our cloud services.

    Larkin Ryder, Director of Product Security, Slack


    Dive into your security data

    analytics driven security analytics driven security

    Analytics-driven security

    Use advanced analytics capabilities to gain deep visibility into your data for faster detection, investigation and response.

    Comprehensive alerting and reporting Comprehensive alerting and reporting

    Comprehensive alerting and reporting

    Detailed, high-fidelity alerting and reporting helps you prioritize incidents and determine the next steps needed to reduce risk.

    real time correlations real time correlations

    Real-time correlations

    Determine if multiple events are related to the same incident. Looking at all the data and performing analytics allows security teams to get a better view of their entire infrastructure and take steps to reduce risk.

    data exploration data exploration

    Data exploration

    Capture, index and navigate any data without prior knowledge of the data or incident. Improve human insights and speed up data exploration by keeping track of searches and actions without the need to open multiple tabs or track in separate tools.

    improved workflows improved workflows

    Improved workflows

    Work from a common data set and platform to share investigation notes and IOCs, and automate where possible.

    information sharing information sharing

    Information sharing

    Build end-to-end visibility across infrastructures and teams that enables better decision making based on real-time knowledge about what is happening.

    Tour all features

    Splunk helps you address your immediate security needs and grows with your team as new security issues arise over time.


    Get the most out of all your tools

    Splunk supports 1,000+ apps and add-ons, making it easy to integrate your existing tools with Splunk.

    security integrations security integrations

    Modernize your security operations with Splunk for Security

    Modernize your SOC with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics, and automated response.

    alt alt

    Start your SecOps journey

    Explore security use cases and start your security journey

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    Monitor your environment

    Combat threats with advanced analytics at scale

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    Respond at machine speed

    Respond to security incidents in seconds with automated playbooks

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    strengthen strengthen

    Unify your security operations

    Manage your entire security infrastructure from one platform

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