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    Incident response at machine speed

    Contextualize threats, speed up investigations and respond with automated workflows.

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    Coordinated and comprehensive response

    stop threats stop threats

    See threats, stop threats

    Understand threat activity so you can thwart breaches. Identify, prioritize and manage security events with event sequencing, alert management and risk scores.

    ES lets you see everything going on in your environment to find the bad guys.

    Tibor F?ldesi, Security Automation Analyst, Norlys

    Streamline investigations

    Investigate and correlate activities across multicloud and on-premises in one unified view.

    streamline investigations streamline investigations
    incident response incident response

    Reduce incident response time

    Automate security actions and response across your security tools within seconds — not minutes or hours.

    Automation with Splunk Phantom enables us to process malware email alerts in about 40 seconds versus 30 minutes or more.

    Adam Fletcher, CISO, Blackstone

    Stop alert fatigue

    Clear a vast majority of alerts with no human interaction.

    alert fatigue alert fatigue
    norlys background norlys background


    Levesl up with threat analysis, automation and orchestration

    Automation is changing how teams traditionally use a SIEM. We heavily rely on Phantom and Enterprise Security. They complement each other in a very good way and allow us to improve security capabilities for the entire company.

    Tibor F?ldesi, Security Automation Analyst, Norlys


    Quickly detect, investigate and respond

    investigate tools investigate tools
    Investigative tools for fast response

    Embrace a modern SIEM. Take care of existing and newly discovered threats with in-depth analysis, contextual threat detection and incident response.

    workflow automation workflow automation
    Workflow automation

    Shorten the response cycle by enabling automated workflow actions so analysts can focus on remediation and threat hunting instead of sorting out alerts.

    third party apps third party apps
    Easily integrated third-party apps

    Splunk Security integrates with hundreds of third-party tools so you can connect and coordinate workflows across teams and tools.

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    Splunk SIEM and SOAR work better together.


    Make your tools work better together

    Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk SOAR's App model supports hundreds of tools so you can connect and coordinate workflows across teams and tools.

    integrations integrations

    Modernize your security operations with Splunk for Security

    Modernize your SOC with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics and automated response.

    machine speed machine speed

    Respond at machine speed

    Respond to security incidents in seconds with automated playbooks

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    monitor environment monitor environment

    Monitor your environments

    Combat threats with advanced analytics at scale

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    Available via Splunk Security Cloud or individually.