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    Empower your SOC with automation

    Advanced orchestration, automation and response capabilities to increase SOC productivity and accelerate incident investigations.

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    Work smarter and respond faster

    respond to threats respond to threats

    Respond to threats in seconds

    Automate security actions across your security tools in seconds — not minutes or hours.

    Eliminate grunt work

    Automate manual, monotonous tasks so you can save time and focus on mission-critical objectives.

    eliminate grunt work eliminate grunt work
    alert fatigue alert fatigue

    No more alert fatigue

    Automate security alert triage and response so your team can go from overwhelmed to in-control.

    Cloud-delivered automation

    Deploy SOAR in the way that best supports the needs of your organization. Deployable on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

    cloud automation cloud automation
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    Speeds up investigations with automation and orchestration

    Splunk SOAR saves us 35 hours per week — about five hours per day. We can now finally focus on the important tasks.

    Tibor F?ldesi Security Automation Analyst, Norlys


    Optimize security operations and productivity

    automated playbooks automated playbooks
    Automated playbooks

    Automate security actions across your infrastructure in just seconds. With playbooks, you can automate security tasks across a multitude of tools at machine speed.

    configurable dashboards configurable dashboards
    Configurable dashboards

    Your dashboard can be sorted and filtered by time period, data source or user. Widgets can be toggled on or off, or rearranged per your specifications.

    orchestrate orchestrate
    Orchestrate security operations across all your tools

    Coordinate and automate operations across 300+ technology integrations and 2,000+ different actions.

    collaboration collaboration
    Contextual collaboration

    Built-in chat and notes facilitate communication across the security team, and thereby accelerate the resolution of security events.

    incident response incident response
    Comprehensive incident response

    Consolidate events from all your sources into one easy-to-manage console. Sort and filter events to identify any unusual activity and take swift, targeted action.

    case management case management
    Built-in case management

    Prioritize inbound security events and alerts, and resolve security cases through predefined standard operating procedures.

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    video Light Go from overwhelmed to in-control

    What you get with Splunk SOAR.

    Tour all features

    See how Splunk SOAR can transform your security operations.


    Make your tools work better together

    Splunk SOAR supports 320+ third-party tools and 2,100+ actions, so you can connect and coordinate workflows across teams and tools.

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    Ready to empower your SOC?

    See SOAR in action, or get a first-hand look at how we can help your teams secure your environments.


    Modernize your security operations with Splunk for Security

    Modernize your SOC with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics and automated response.

    automate response automate response

    Automate your Response

    Respond to security incidents in seconds with automated playbooks

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    security posture security posture

    Unify your security operations

    Detect, investigate, hunt, and remediate threats, all from a common work surface

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    Available via Splunk Security Cloud or individually.