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    The future of security

    Power-up with a unified platform to detect, investigate and respond to incidents.

    unified security operations screenshot unified security operations screenshot


    Say goodbye to swivel-chair security

    achieve ultimate secops achieve ultimate secops

    The ultimate command center

    Track and manage events across your security infrastructure from a common work surface.

    Unify data, analytics and operations

    Everything you need to work through an incident is available at your fingertips.

    unify data and operations unify data and operations
    open ecosystem open ecosystem

    Open ecosystem, endless possibilities

    Plug in your security tools to achieve unified security operations in the cloud.


    Better, faster, more effective security operations

    intuitive investigation intuitive investigation
    Intuitive investigation UI

    Built with the analyst in mind, there’s no need to switch to different tabs, consoles or interfaces — everything you need to detect, investigate and remediate is all in one place.

    response templates response templates
    Response templates

    Follow your organization’s standard operating procedures with response templates that can be customized for any type of incident or situation.

    built in splunk search built in splunk search
    Built-in search

    Leave no stone unturned with integrated search — no matter if your data resides in the cloud or on-premises.

    splunk enterprise security splunk enterprise security
    Insights from Splunk Enterprise Security

    Leverage the power of our analytics-driven SIEM for even deeper context. Quickly spot patterns and search across multiple ES deployment.

    effective collaboration effective collaboration
    Effective collaboration and communication

    Easily collaborate, leverage each other's expertise and experience, provide or solicit feedback, and leave information on the progress of an investigation.

    flexible dashboards flexible dashboards
    Flexible and customizable dashboards

    Powered by Splunk Search, evaluate the overall health across your security infrastructure or build dashboards to assist in investigations — the choice is up to you.

    unify siem unify siem
    video Light Unify SIEM, SOAR, and so much more

    What you get with Splunk Mission Control.

    Tour All Features

    See how Splunk Mission Control can unify and modernize your security operations.


    Modernize your security operations with Splunk for Security

    Splunk modernizes your SOC with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics and automated response.

    unify security operations unify security operations

    Unify your security operations

    Manage your entire security infrastructure from one platform

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    monitor environments monitor environments

    Monitor your environments

    Combat threats with advanced analytics at scale

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    Find out how you can modernize your SOC.