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    Unified metrics, traces and logs

    Monitor, explore and troubleshoot your entire stack in one platform.

    Observability Cloud Demo

    See how Splunk makes it easy to go from problem detection to resolution in minutes.


    With Splunk Observability, you can...

    Increase developer productivity

    Automated observability means less time troubleshooting and more time shipping quality code.

    increase developer productivity increase developer productivity

    Real-time visibility into their full stack allowed Namely to accelerate product development and trust the changes they’re continuously making to improve system performance.

    Create better user experiences

    Maintain high application availability with instant feedback into the behavior of critical business systems.

    better user experiences better user experiences

    Mark43 achieved a 95% faster mean-time-to-resolution granular visibility, low latency analytics, and a single pane of glass with correlated insights across their entire stack

    Reduce operational uncertainty

    Eliminate blind spots and confidently scale in the cloud with no operational surprises.

    reduce operational uncertainty reduce operational uncertainty

    Planet accelerated cloud migration by monitoring key multi-cloud migration metrics in a single pane of glass.


    Benefit from full-stack observability

    Observe all your data to instantly understand and optimize modern infrastructure and applications.

    infrastructure monitoring infrastructure monitoring

    Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring allows you to avoid downtime and monitor and troubleshoot across your infrastructure — physical, virtual, or in the cloud at any scale, all in real-time. Connect the health and performance of your infrastructure with application and logs in context.

    Application Performance Monitoring

    Splunk APM is the only solution with real-time, full-fidelity tracing that allows you to analyze and alert on all trace data to maximize application performance and accelerate innovation.

    apm apm
    log observer log observer

    Log Investigation

    Purpose-built for DevOps users and use cases, Log Observer brings the power of Splunk logging to SREs, DevOps engineers and developers that need troubleshooting-oriented logging experience. 

    Digital Experience Monitoring

    Our digital experience monitoring solutions together with Splunk APM provide the industry’s only end-to-end, full-fidelity visibility across the entire user transaction.

    digital experience monitoring digital experience monitoring
    automated incident response automated incident response

    Streamlined Incident Response

    Improve the on-call experience and reduce mean-time-to-acknowledgement with mobile-first, automated incident response. 


    A comprehensive solution built for:

    cloud monitoring

    Cloud Monitoring

    Real-time visibility into containers, Kubernetes and cloud services

    Learn More

    Cloud Migration

    Evolve faster in the cloud

    Learn More
    Kubernetes Monitoring

    Kubernetes Monitoring

    Fully-automated Kubernetes Monitoring

    Learn More
    Application Performance Monitoring

    Application Performance Monitoring

    Ensure no anomaly goes undetected

    Learn More
    Application Investigation & Debugging

    Application Investigation & Debugging

    Debug in production with live tail

    Learn More
    Real User Monitoring

    Real User Monitoring

    Troubleshoot customer-facing issues faster

    Learn More
    app modernization

    Application Modernization

    Developing microservices has never been easier

    Learn More


    Track SLI/SLOs and improve business KPIs

    Learn More
    Synthetic Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Proactively prevent web performance issues from impacting customers

    Learn More
    mark43 background mark43 background

    Customer Story

    Critical Insights for When Seconds Matter

    We’re alerted to issues in seconds compared to a 10-minute latency with our previous solution. This allows us to get in and fix issues before they have a downstream effect for the officers using the platform.

    Kevin Heins, DevOps Technical Lead, Mark43

    Ready to gain full observability into your stack?

    One platform for seamless workflow for monitoring, troubleshooting, investigation and resolution across all infrastructure and applications.


    Meet the requirements for observability


    All your data, all the time

    full-fidelity distributed tracing full-fidelity distributed tracing

    Troubleshoot needle-in-a-haystack failure conditions with access to all your data.

    Real-time streaming analytics

    real-time streaming analytics real-time streaming analytics

    Quickly understand, troubleshoot and optimize complex applications with real-time, analytics-powered recommendations.

    Automate troubleshooting with AI-driven recommendations

    automate troubleshooting automate troubleshooting

    Short-circuit your people-intensive troubleshooting  processes with real-time analytics that surface relevant patterns, correlate across data sources and provide directed troubleshooting guidance.

    Operate at any scale

    operate at scale operate at scale

    Meet the needs of your most advanced environment and future proof your observability investments with a scalable telemetry engine for all your observability data.

    Avoid lock-in with OpenTelemetry

    avoid lock-in with opentelemetry avoid lock-in with opentelemetry

    Unify data ingestion without vendor lock-in and reduce resource consumption with our lightweight, open-source OpenTelemetry instrumentation.



    The 5 Foundational DevOps Practice

    Learn the importance of real-time monitoring and observability, and key metrics to track for DevOps success. 


    Finally, all your data in one place

    Explore a scalable and reliable data platform for investigating, monitoring, analyzing and acting on your data.

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    Simplify your observability strategy.