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    AI-driven APM for modern environments

    Faster and simpler troubleshooting of any issue with your applications

    Modern APM Overview Video

    Innovate faster in the cloud, detect and alert in seconds, future-proof your applications

    Deliver exceptional app performance with Splunk

    improve user experience

    Improve user experience

    Ensure that all issues are detected and addressed before they affect customers.

    Simpler and faster troubleshooting Simpler and faster troubleshooting

    Simpler and faster troubleshooting

    Combine all trace data, powerful analytics, and seamless correlation with metrics and logs to reduce the load on your teams

    future proof applications

    OpenTelemetry instrumentation

    Break free of vendor lock-in and build on the standard for distributed tracing.


    Easily resolve any anomaly at any scale

    no trace left behind no trace left behind

    NoSample? Full-Fidelity tracing and Infinite Cardinality

    Splunk APM is unique in analyzing, ingesting and storing for later use all traces with no sampling. Detect issues that are impacting the long tail of customers, and go back, investigate and get exemplars of previously unknown issues.

    Combined with Infinite Cardinality, this powerful capability provides DevOps teams with a one-stop shop to see errors and latency across all the tags of any given service.

    AI-Driven Analytics

    Splunk APM’s built-in analytics automates the correlation between application performance, critical business KPIs, infrastructure and end-user experience. It provides meaningful alerts while eliminating alert storms and surfaces root-causes at a glance to minimize war-rooms.

    troubleshoot issues in seconds troubleshoot issues in seconds
    free your code free your code

    OpenTelemetry Instrumentation

    OpenTelemetry has wide industry support, including all the major cloud providers, and is the second most active CNCF project after Kubernetes. Many popular OSS products already emit metrics that comply with the OpenTelemetry standard so can be instrumented with minimal developer effort.

    namely namely


    Accelerates product development and deliver first class customer solutions

    The ability to aggregate trace information, quickly identify outliers, gain visibility into distribution of our calls, as well as understand the uniqueness of tags is tremendous insight that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the industry.

    Michael Hamrah Former Chief Architect, Namely


    A comprehensive solution built for:

    microservices monitoring microservices monitoring
    Application Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Purpose-built for microservices

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    SLO/ SLI Monitoring SLO/ SLI Monitoring
    SLO/ SLI Monitoring

    Improve key business metrics

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    CI/CD Pipeline Monitoring CI/CD Pipeline Monitoring
    CI/CD Pipeline Monitoring

    Measure transformation success

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    Explore more features

    Powerful end-to-end full-fidelity tracing, backend to frontend.


    Any stack, any Scale

    Deploy APM effortlessly at any scale on your entire stack, for on-premises and cloud-native applications.


    The 5 Considerations When Choosing an APM Tool

    What are the APM essentials for your cloud-native journey?


    Deliver the best possible user experience with Splunk Observability

    Troubleshoot, debug and optimize performance across your entire stack with a seamless workflow.

    improve front-end performance improve front-end performance

    Improve Front-End Performance

    Extend full-fidelity visibility into end user experiences.

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    Full-Stack Observability Full-Stack Observability

    Full-Stack Observability

    Conquer the complexity of modern apps and infrastructure at any scale.

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    Get Started

    Find out how you can improve application performance with full-fidelity tracing at scale.