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    Cloud Migration

    Accelerate your journey to the cloud and achieve the agility and flexibility needed to drive high performance. Splunk provides full-stack visibility into your private, hybrid and public cloud environments to limit downtime and disruption when migrating workloads.

    appdev-cloud-migration appdev-cloud-migration

    Going through a cloud-native evolution? Minimize the risks.

    make cents of costs make cents of costs

    Make Cents of Costs

    Get visibility into cloud costs and forecast demand

    infrastructure-monitoring infrastructure-monitoring

    Infrastructure Insights

    Detailed usage reports help you identify underutilized instances and troubleshoot over provisioning

    increase velocity with confidence increase velocity with confidence

    Increase Velocity with Confidence

    Embrace the cloud with the confidence gained from having deep visibility into your environments

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    Acquia Transforms Customer Experience With Real-Time Problem Resolution

    Customers come to us saying, 'I looked at the data and it shows I need to buy more capacity,' because they have access to their data. SignalFx makes achieving customer satisfaction so much easier.

    Aaron Pacheco, Senior Product Manager, Acquia
    Product Capabilities

    Innovate faster in the cloud with confidence

    Achieve Capacity and Cost Control

    Prevent infrastructure costs from rising with cloud cost optimization and detailed usage reports. Use historical data to forecast demand and provision instances upfront before committing to buying capacity. Model growth and resourcing on deep systems insights. Attribute spend to availability zones, specific services, instance types or even customers.

    capacity-and-cost-control. capacity-and-cost-control.

    Illuminate Opportunities for Operational Efficiency

    Get a consolidated understanding of your topology and baseline performance for initial operational intelligence. Visualize infrastructure availability and performance for operational efficiency and smoother migrations. Improve visibility and correlate system and business health metrics to help drive decisions. Make better-informed decisions on whether to provision reserved or on-demand instances.

    opportunities-for-operational-efficiency opportunities-for-operational-efficiency

    All the Rewards of Cloud-native Without All the Risks

    Remove the risk of migrating to the cloud — whether it's the first time, between on-prem and a cloud provider, or between different cloud providers — with a unified view of your legacy and cloud environments on a single platform. Monitor KPIs and workloads across multiple clouds and environments with real-time aggregation. Track key metrics such as service latency, CPU utilization and number of hosts.

    ewards-of-cloud-native ewards-of-cloud-native
    Fast-Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative

    White Paper

    Fast-Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative

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    Best Practices for Multicloud Monitoring and Investigation

    Watch the Webinar
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    DevOps From the Top: Defining the New KPIs for Today's Cloud

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