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    Accelerating Zero Trust in Government

    Organizations used to approach cybersecurity by building a hardened perimeter, layering security tools like moats and walls around a castle. This concept made sense when cyber threats only emerged from outside and our assets lived on-premises. 

    Today’s new landscape – the cloud, mobile devices and “anywhere, anytime” access – does not conform to traditional security principals. Instead, it  opens up the attack surface, “de-perimeterizing” organizations by allowing data and workloads live, operate and be accessed outside traditional walls.

    Agencies must adapt to de-perimeterization while at the same time protecting  government data amid budget constraints and serving  their mission with greater velocity. 

    Download your copy of Accelerating Zero Trust in Government to learn:

    accelerating-zero-trust-in-government accelerating-zero-trust-in-government
    • Why our old security ways are becoming less effective against de-perimeterization
    • How the zero trust model, with data as the foundation, can help manage risk and better protect your resources
    • How the Splunk Data-to-Everything platform can help drive confidence in your security initiatives

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