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    The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

    Keys to accelerating and capitalizing on the cloud

    Most organizations are expanding their use of cloud at an accelerated pace to maintain their competitive edge, accelerate innovation and transform interactions with customers, employees and partners. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the speed and scale of cloud adoption. But while cloud is top-of-mind for everyone, there is still work to be done to manage cloud complexity.


    In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report on The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation, learn how organizations are faring in their cloud journeys, and how your organization can build a foundation for greater agility, security, efficiency and innovation. Top findings include:


    Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review
    • 83% of survey respondents say that cloud is very or extremely important to their organizations’ future strategy and growth
    • 69% say that 60% or more of their organizations’ infrastructure and applications will be in the cloud in two years
    • 66% say that leveraging real-time data analytics (enabled by artificial intelligence or machine learning) is very or extremely important to monitoring and gaining insights across cloud services, applications and infrastructure

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