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  • Industrial Data and the Internet of Things

    Proactive operations with industrial asset intelligence

    Overcome Your Challenges to Enterprise IoT Implementation

    Use Splunk for Industrial IoT to minimize unplanned downtime and the high costs associated with it

    Create a Simple View of Complex Data

    Eliminate technology and data silos by seamlessly integrating data across complex industrial data sources, sensors and applications

    Get Real-time and Predictive Analytics

    Create personalized notifications, diagnose alarms and anomalies in real-time, and accelerate issue response without affecting production

    Reduce Downtime of Critical Industrial Assets

    Get to the source of your security problem before your equipment fails and avoid the costly downtime associated with breaches


    Optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with real-time operational visibility across IT, OT and IoT sources
    Boost Asset Health

    Energy and Utilities

    Improve operator visibility and drive machine uptime with a consolidated view of your industrial data
    Keep the Lights On

    Public Sector

    Drive efficiency across your operations to improve margins and better serve your customers
    Live Smarter

    What can you do with Splunk?