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    Cloud Monitoring

    Real-time visibility into every cloud and every service across your entire stack.

    cloud infrastructure cloud infrastructure

    The only real-time hybrid and multicloud monitoring solution built for any environment

    Data-driven insights for your entire stack

    log search log search

    See Everything Bright and Clear

    Instant full visibility into cloud infrastructure and services with out-of-the-box integrations and dashboards

    operations management operations management

    Scale Without Fail

    Future-proof your investment with a solution that grows with your organization

    fast-time-to-value fast-time-to-value

    Resolve Rapidly

    Achieve the shortest MTTD/MTTR — detect, visualize and resolve issues as soon as they arise

    customer background customer background


    Mark43 Depends on Splunk to Keep Its Law Enforcement Technology Always Available

    Since we started using SignalFx, we’re alerted to issues in seconds compared to a 10-minute latency with our previous solution. This allows us to get in and fix issues before they have a downstream effect for the officers using the platform.

    Kevin Heins, DevOps Technical Lead, Mark 43
    Product Capabilities

    Robust and flexible monitoring across hybrid and multicloud environments at any scale

    High-Resolution Visibility for Any Environment

    Start monitoring your environment with high-resolution visualizations, hundreds of integrations and pre-built dashboards, and explore services like containers in seconds — while slicing and dicing on services seamlessly.

    integrations integrations

    Move Fast Without Losing Control

    Work at the speed of innovation with programmable APIs for monitoring -as -code, shareable best practices like mirrored dashboards, and integration with CI/CD toolchains for standardization across the enterprise.

    move-fast-without-losing-control move-fast-without-losing-control
    shorten-MTTD-and-MTTR shorten-MTTD-and-MTTR

    Shorten MTTD and MTTR

    Detect issues immediately with real-time AI-driven streaming analytics for accurate alerts in seconds, not minutes. Preview alerts before pushing them into production to reduce noise.

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    Splunk and AWS Container Monitoring and Observability

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    Fast-Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative

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    Infrastructure Monitoring 101: The Power to Predict and Prevent

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