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    Beyond traditional event management

    Streamline incident resolution with intelligent alerting and automated event grouping.

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    Event management has never been smarter

    event analytics event analytics

    Faster response times

    Accelerate MTTR with automated incident prioritization and bidirectional integrations with leading IT service monitoring (ITSM) tools.

    We have been able to reduce the number of incidents at our auctions by 90%.

    VP of Application Development and Operations, Cox Automotive

    Less alert noise

    Reduce alert noise with real-time event clustering powered by machine learning.

    alert-noise alert-noise
    boost efficiency boost efficiency

    Boost operational efficiency

    Replace siloed alerting tools with an integrated IT management solution.?

    95% 95%

    reduction in alerts and events

    — Leidos Customer Story

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    Event Noise Reduced by 98%

    Splunk ITSI prioritizes your flood of events and gives you insight into what is broken and affected by simply looking at the alert screen.

    Director of Performance Management, Leidos


    Integrated incident management

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    Intelligent event clustering

    Collect and enrich events from multiple sources into a single alerting framework. Real-time, automated event correlation triggers alerts using policies powered by machine learning.

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    Episode review

    Reduce inefficient workflows with an incident management dashboard that prioritizes issues by severity and allows teams to trigger responses.

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    Integrations with ITSM tools

    Trigger service ticketing, on-call response or automated playbooks directly from your incident review.

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    Service context

    Focus on incidents that impact the business using added service context.

    Tour all features

    See how Splunk? IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) uses machine learning to protect service performance.


    Protect service performance with AIOps

    Achieve end-to-end service visibility and streamlined incident resolution.

    splunk itsi splunk itsi

    Splunk ITSI

    Watch this interactive demo for an overview of ITSI’s capabilities

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    Splunk On-Call

    Automate incident response across your organization

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    Splunk’s IT Ops solutions are available for purchase via IT Cloud or as standalone products