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    Beyond Traditional Event Management

    Streamline incident resolution with intelligent alerting, automated event clustering and prioritization

    event management event management

    Reduce event noise by 95%

    intelligent alerting intelligent alerting

    Intelligent Alerting

    Immediate noise reduction with automated event correlation powered by machine learning

    prioritize incidents by service prioritize incidents by service

    Prioritize Incidents by Service

    Focus on incidents that impact the business with added service context

    one solution for incident resolution one solution for incident resolution

    One Solution for Incident Resolution

    Triage, investigate and respond from one view for fast MTTR

    customer background customer background


    When you get a flood of events, Splunk ITSI prioritizes the events and gives you insight into not only what is broken but what’s been affected as you look at the alert screen.

    Don Mahler, Director of Performance Management, Leidos
    Product Capabilities

    Incident resolution has never been smarter

    Intelligent Event Clustering

    Automatically correlate events with out-of-the-box templates or Smart Mode for machine-learning enabled clustering.

    event management event management

    Service and Business Context for Events

    Trigger alerts based on service score thresholds and KPIs.

    service and business context service and business context

    Triage, Investigate and Respond in One View

    Create a ticket, run a script or contact a team from the same event dashboard.

    triage investigate triage investigate
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    Optimize Your IT Investments

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