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  • Splunk? App for Infrastructure

    Unify and correlate logs and metrics in one solution. Get comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, alerting and investigation with your Splunk Enterprise and Splunk IT Service Intelligence license.

    Watch the Splunk App for Infrastructure in Action

    Simplify and modernize infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting

    Speed Up Investigations

    Find root causes faster with cross-tier correlations, streamlined workflows and advanced alerting

    One Tool, Full Visibility

    Pre-built and custom visualizations monitor performance in real time

    Improve Productivity

    Enrich infrastructure data with service context in Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) in just a few clicks

    Product Capabilities
    Enjoy the power of a full-scale monitoring platform
    Monitoring Metrics That Matter

    The Splunk App for Infrastructure (SAI) provides a curated, unified metrics and logs experience focused on infrastructure performance monitoring. Easily distribute metrics by defining, grouping and filtering entities.

    Advanced Alerting for Faster Triage

    Perform root cause analysis faster with SAI’s custom triggered alerting at the group or entity level. Triage alerts more effectively by understanding which conditions triggered the alert, assessing the severity of the alert, and viewing all triggered alerts during the time to take action.

    Visualizations for Real-Time Monitoring

    Monitor performance of your infrastructure by entity, including CPU, network, memory, disk, system load, custom-defined dimensions and more. Monitor single entities or groups of entities. Drill down into an entity or group to review details or troubleshoot issues.

    Correlations Pinpoint Performance Trends

    Investigate performance with cross-tier correlations. Analyze performance metrics for a single entity or a group of entities. Determine poor performing entities by metrics, or determine a point in time when multiple entities began performing in a similar way. View and search for entities in a group, or view all groups an entity belongs to for easy navigation in a chart or list.

    Financial Services

    Monitor accounts and deliver the best customer experience
    Bank on Data

    Public Sector

    Create operational excellence that would impress any constituency
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    Automate compliance auditing and strengthen health IT operations
    Boost IT Health

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