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    Observability Cloud

    Conquer complexity at any scale

    Solve problems in seconds with the only full-stack, analytics-powered and OpenTelemetry-native Observability Cloud

    Observability Cloud Demo

    Seamlessly integrated user experience, context and workflow across metrics, traces and logs

    Complete full-stack insights

    consolidate tools

    No dead ends,
    no blind spots

    Reduce MTTR with seamless investigatory workflows and correlated data.

    empower it and devops teams empower it and devops teams

    Free your data with OpenTelemetry

    Get data in easily with a single open standards-based agent for metrics, traces and logs.

    reduce burn out reduce burn out

    Monitor your entire environment

    Extend full-fidelity visibility from the application to the business for optimized customer experiences.





    Every tool, one Observability Cloud

    Eliminate data silos, guesswork and swivel-chair monitoring with all of your data automatically correlated in one place.

    infrastructure monitoring infrastructure monitoring

    Splunk? Infrastructure Monitoring

    Monitor infrastructure of any size, in any hosting model at scale with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring. It’s as simple as auto-discovering the stack and integrating with hundreds of out-of-the-box platforms and solutions. Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring is the only real-time, multicloud monitoring solution for all environments that can help you monitor infrastructure performance at cloud scale with automated and predictive analytics. 

    With Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, we can load literally dozens of graphs in seconds. Our team trusts the information, so we can have conversations based on the data and easily share screen shots with customers, so everyone is on the same page.

    Aaron "Checo" Pacheco, Product Delivery Infrastructure Manager at Acquia

    Splunk Application Performance Monitoring

    Splunk APM works with any cloud environment and any existing infrastructure. Gain insights into cloud-native, microservice and monolithic applications, while tracing everything and seeing it all in one place.

    Since using Splunk APM, we’re alerted to issues in seconds compared to a 10-minute latency with our previous solution.

    Kevin Heins, DevOps Technical Lead at Mark43
    apm apm
    real user monitoring real user monitoring

    Splunk Log Observer

    Speed up time to clue and time to resolve with log analysis across cloud-native applications and cloud environments. With Splunk Log Observer, you can view logs from key DevOps sources in minutes, optimize data sources and workflows, all in one place and with no code. Rapidly explore context-rich logs with a point-and-click experience, usable by SREs, engineers, and developers.

    Splunk?captures all the logs, metrics and traces in a way that allows us to understand any event across our platform, so we can ask questions and get answers.

    Matt Coddington Senior Director of Devops Engineering at Care.com

    Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM)

    Understand the impact of problems, latency and bugs on the experience of users. Get real data from real users on every single page, resource, third-party dependency and dynamic component. Splunk RUM's full-fidelity ingestion and end-to-end visibility gives you a complete picture of your user's entire journey, all in one tool.

    Splunk RUM helped find an extra two to three seconds of delay in interactivity on a page load. We’ve recently had glowing customer testimonials on improvements we’ve made.

    John Rousseau, VP Technical Operations at OnShape
    log observer log observer
    synthetic monitoring synthetic monitoring

    Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

    Detect and resolve issues more quickly by simulating user transactions worldwide, with multiple browser and connectivity types. Get automated suggestions to increase performance and reliability, and get more informed on your applications’ health. Splunk Synthetic Monitoring makes it easier to improve web app experiences.

    We've decreased load time by 30% with?Splunk? Synthetic Monitoring helping eliminate customer-facing issues and optimize web performance.


    Tom Wilson Principal Engineer at Blue Apron

    Splunk On-Call

    Empower teams with automated incident response that gets incidents and alerts to the right teams before it’s too late. Reduce mean time to acknowledgement and resolution (MTTA and MTTR), and improve collaboration across all groups. A complete ChatOps experience and integration with existing tools and reporting means blameless reviews.

    In 12 months, our mean time to acknowledge came down from 4 hours to 20 minutes. Now we’re 3 years in, and we’re under 2 minutes.

    Earl Diem Earl Diem, IT Operations Manager, PSCU
    on call scheduling on call scheduling

    Ready to start today?

    Get started with the only integrated Observability Cloud — including Infrastructure Monitoring, APM, RUM and more.



    Observability without limits

    NoSample? full-fidelity data ingest

    Capture metrics, traces and logs from any source, and view them all in one place.

    no sample no sample

    Identify the root cause of every issue in your app and view them from one location while sharing details with ease.

    Real-time streaming analytics

    Get the information you need to understand your app in seconds.

    real-time streaming analytics real-time streaming analytics

    When minutes of processing can be too slow, get anomaly alerts within seconds. 

    Automated troubleshooting with AI-driven analytics

    More data, more problems – except with our directed troubleshooting.

    automated troubleshooting automated troubleshooting

    Observability Cloud learns what’s “normal,” then highlights outliers and sends the necessary alerts to relevant teams.

    Operate at any scale

    Handle any number of containers and clouds. Ingest petabytes of data per day effortlessly.

    operate at scale operate at scale

    Scale to any size, anywhere — on-prem, public cloud, private cloud, millions of metrics per second, millions of traces per minute, petabytes of log ingest per day. 

    OpenTelemetry Instrumentation

    Ingest data effortlessly with an open-source framework

    opentelemetry opentelemetry

    Native support for the industry-standard open-source instrumentation framework. No vendor lock-in, no agent required.

    quantum metric background quantum metric background


    Quantum Metric and its customers build better products faster with Splunk Observability Cloud

    If we don’t have observability, it impacts our ability to show data to customers in real time. Splunk helps us provide complete, real-time alerting so customers always have a clear picture.

    Brent Miller, Senior Director of Cloud Operations at Quantum Metric
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