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    Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

    Application monitoring that elevates user experience

    Built for the cloud-native enterprise, Splunk APM helps you solve modern issues.

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    Learn why GigaOm named Splunk a Leader and the ONLY Outperformer on the Observability Radar


    Intelligent analytics to maximize performance

    fix problems fix problems

    Never Miss an Anomaly

    To deliver a flawless end-user experience, you need to observe everything. With NoSample? full-fidelity tracing, Splunk? APM is unique in ingesting and retaining all your trace data to identify any anomaly.

    AI-Driven Analytics and Directed Troubleshooting

    Reduce MTTR with Directed Troubleshooting that eliminates false alerts and is built into workflows to quickly point you to the root cause and likely culprits so that you don’t need to resort to manual guesswork.

    scale without barriers scale without barriers
    opentelemetry opentelemetry

    100% OpenTelemetry

    Our philosophy is to maximize customer choice. With OpenTelemetry, the second most popular CNCF project after Kubernetes, you can leverage a strong and vibrant community with no vendor lock-in. Instrument once and use everywhere.

    Full-stack Observability

    APM integrates with other Observability tools – giving you logs, metrics, user data (RUM), and more all in one interface. Investigate faster and answer any question about your business!

    full-stack observability full-stack observability


    Detect, troubleshoot and eliminate errors swiftly

    Ingest, analyze and store all data in real-time, at any scale, to detect all issues and troubleshoot them significantly faster.

    no sample no sample

    NoSample? Full-Fidelity Trace Ingestion and Retention

    By collecting all traces, instead of a sampled subset, Splunk APM leaves no anomaly undetected. Also get immediate feedback on any release.

    service mapping service mapping

    Service Mapping

    Splunk APM’s dynamically generated service maps provide DevOps teams out-of-the-box visibility into all service interactions, inferred services, dependencies and performance.

    tag spotlight tag spotlight

    Tag Spotlight

    Quickly correlate events in latency or errors with tag values, providing a one stop shop to understand how traces are behaving across your entire system.

    business workflows business workflows

    Business Workflows

    Group together end-to-end traces based on any common service or tag to track important business transactions with Splunk APM. Developers can further visualize how their microservices impact all the workflows that use them.

    smart dynamic alerting smart dynamic alerting

    Smart Dynamic Alerting

    Dynamic alerting enables your DevOps teams to set alerts based on static thresholds, sudden changes or historical anomalies for easier alerting and fewer alert storms.

    complete user-activity capture complete user-activity capture

    Full-Stack Observability

    With just a click of a button, you will receive in-context access to your traces, metrics and logs, enabling deeper troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.

    care background care background


    Care.com Refactors Monoliths Into Microservices With Splunk Observability

    Splunk?captures all the logs, metrics and traces in a way that allows us to understand any event across our platform, so we can ask questions and get answers.

    Matt Coddington Senior Director of Devops Engineering at Care.com


    Any Stack, Any Scale

    Deploy Splunk APM effortlessly at any scale on your entire stack, for cloud-native and on-premises applications.

    integrations integrations

    Ready to take application performance monitoring to the next level?

    Identify and eliminate customer-facing issues across your entire architecture faster, with Splunk APM.


    The 5 Considerations When Choosing an APM Tool

    What are the APM essentials for your cloud-native journey?

    full-stack observabilitY

    Splunk offers a single platform for all your observability needs

    rum rum

    Real User Monitoring

    The only full-fidelity, end-to-end visibility solution for end-user experience.

    Splunk RUM
    Log Observer Log Observer

    Log Observer

    Log analysis across your cloud-native application and cloud environments.

    Splunk Log Observer
    Infrastructure Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring

    Infrastructure Monitoring

    The only real-time, analytics-driven multicloud monitoring solution for all environments.

    Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring
    Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring for better digital experiences.

    Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
    Automated On-Call Automated On-Call

    Automated On-Call

    Empower teams by routing alerts to the right people for fast collaboration and issue resolution.

    Splunk On-Call

    Get Started Today

    Try Application Performance Monitoring as part of the 14-day Splunk Observability Cloud free trial. Whether you need full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting for infrastructure, application or users, get it all in real-time and at any scale. No credit card required.