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    Infrastructure Monitoring

    Maximize performance with visibility everywhere

    Whether on-prem, hybrid or multicloud, Splunk delivers real-time infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting for all environments.

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    The speed, scale and analytics you need for modern monitoring in the cloud

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    Instant Visualization

    Take advantage of over 200+ pre-built integrations for cloud services along with out-of-the-box dashboards for rapid visualization of your entire stack. Autodiscover, breakdown, group, and explore clouds, services and systems. Quickly and easily understand how your infrastructure behaves across different services, availability zones, Kubernetes clusters and more.

    Real-Time Actionable Alerts

    Act before infrastructure performance affects end-user experience. With built-in data science, Splunk instantly and accurately alerts on dynamic thresholds, multiple conditions and complex rules to eliminate alert storms and dramatically reduce mean-time-to-detect.

    scale without barriers scale without barriers
    ai driven analytics ai driven analytics

    Deep Business Insights

    Answer business-critical questions like, “Are our services contributing to a good experience for the consumer?” Monitor SLOs and SLIs with instant, service-level insights. Additionally, custom metrics for business KPIs means you can track the number of products sold, cost per workload and more in real time.

    Scale With Confidence

    Analyze performance across hundreds of thousands of ephemeral components, multiple deployment environments, application versions and billions of events. Achieve DevOps agility with monitoring-as-code. Drive closed-loop automation such as auto-scaling to ensure a flawless end-user experience.

    scale with confidence scale with confidence


    Speed, scale and analytics for modern monitoring

    Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring is a purpose-built metrics platform to address real-time cloud monitoring requirements at scale.

    real time streaming analytics real time streaming analytics

    Real-Time Streaming Analytics

    Apply analytics on metrics in-flight using a streaming pub/sub bus. When there is downtime, every second counts. Only a streaming architecture can ingest, analyze and alert quickly enough.

    full stack visibility full stack visibility

    Full Stack Visibility

    Seamless correlation between cloud infrastructure and the microservices running on top of it paints a picture even clearer with in-context access to Splunk logs and events enabling deeper troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

    predictive analytics predictive analytics

    AI-Driven Analytics and Automation

    With built-in data science, Splunk instantly and accurately alerts and helps predict on dynamic thresholds, multiple conditions, and complex rules to dramatically reduce MTTR.

    Single Pane of Glass Single Pane of Glass

    Single Pane of Glass

    Stop context switching and start simplifying operations with tools that work across systems, teams and tools, on-prem, in the cloud or in multicloud environments.

    Advanced Kubernetes monitoring Advanced Kubernetes monitoring

    Advanced Kubernetes Monitoring

    Automatically discover and visualize the Kubernetes objects, their health and performance of container resources with dynamic cluster maps and pre-built dashboards.

    Boundless scale Boundless scale

    Boundless Scale

    Leverage data from any source, at any scale. Splunk offers full-fidelity visibility across the entire IT landscape. Future-proof your investment with a solution that grows with your organization and needs.

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    Acquia Transforms Customer Experience With Real-Time Problem Resolution

    These productivity gains save us at least 138 hours per month, or close to that of a full-time employee. We estimate that the value of the time saved across teams at Acquia is roughly $1 million annually.

    Aaron Pacheco, Product Manager, Product Delivery Infrastructure
    reduction in average time spent per incident, saving 140 hours per month
    in annual productivity gains


    Over 200+
    Out-of-the-Box Integrations

    Get the integrations you need plus pro tips on monitoring and alerting for your evolving IT infrastructure.

    integrations integrations

    Ready to start today?

    Send the right alert to the right engineer in real time. Detect and alert in seconds with a full-featured trial of Splunk Observability Cloud.


    Splunk for Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Splunk delivers the speed, scale and analytics you need for modern monitoring

    full-stack observabilitY

    Splunk offers a single platform for all your observability needs

    hybrid monitoring1 hybrid monitoring1

    Application Performance Monitoring

    Faster and simpler troubleshooting of any issue with your applications.

    Splunk APM
    Log Observer Log Observer

    Log Observer

    Log analysis across your cloud-native application and cloud environments.

    Splunk Log Observer
    Real User Monitoring Real User Monitoring

    Real User Monitoring

    The only full-fidelity, end-to-end visibility solution for end-user experience.

    Splunk RUM
    Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring for better digital experiences.

    Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
    Automated On-Call Automated On-Call

    Automated On-Call

    Empower teams by routing alerts to the right people for fast collaboration and issue resolution.

    Splunk On-Call

    Get Started Today

    Try Infrastructure Monitoring as part of the 14-day Splunk Observability Cloud free trial. Whether you need full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting for infrastructure, application or users, get it all in real-time and at any scale. No credit card required.