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    Log Observer

    Log investigation designed for DevOps

    Start investigating developer- and SRE-oriented logs in minutes for the "Why?" behind application behavior.

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    Splunk Log Observer: Fast and Powerful Log Investigation for DevOps Teams


    The speed, scale and analytics you need for modern monitoring in the cloud

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    Contextual Data Onboarding

    Get started quickly. Splunk? Log Observer on-boards some of the most popular data sources, including OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes, Fluentd and multiple AWS services in-context with all your telemetry data.

    Debug in Production

    Reduce time troubleshooting. Live Tail allows SREs and developers to filter and watch critical logs without having to learn a query language. Quickly dive into the relevant set of logs to fix any potential problems right away.

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    Seamless Transition From Traces to Logs

    Reduce time-consuming context switching between monitoring and troubleshooting. Splunk Log Observer, part of Splunk Observability Cloud is designed so that an attribute of a trace — whether a specific trace ID — or a parameter of a tag becomes a filter to remove extraneous steps from log exploration. 


    Any Stack, Any Scale

    Deploy Splunk Log Observer effortlessly at any scale on your entire stack, for cloud-native and on-premises applications.

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    Ready to start today?

    Send the right alert to the right engineer in real time. Detect and alert in seconds with a full-featured trial of Splunk Observability Cloud.


    Splunk Log Observer Demo

    See the power of Splunk Log Observer

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    Splunk offers a single platform for all your observability needs

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    Real User Monitoring

    The only full-fidelity, end-to-end visibility solution for end-user experience.

    Splunk RUM

    Application Performance Monitoring

    Faster and simpler troubleshooting of any issue with your applications.

    Splunk APM
    Infrastructure Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring

    Infrastructure Monitoring

    The only real-time, analytics-driven multicloud monitoring solution for all environments.

    Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring
    Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring for better digital experiences.

    Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
    Automated On-Call Automated On-Call

    Automated On-Call

    Empower teams by routing alerts to the right people for fast collaboration and issue resolution.

    Splunk On-Call

    Get Started Today

    Try Log Observer as part of the 14-day Splunk Observability Cloud free trial. Whether you need full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting for infrastructure, application or users, get it all in real-time and at any scale. No credit card required.