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    On-Call and Incident Management

    Make prolonged, expensive service outages a thing of the past

    When incidents affect your services, every second counts. Remediate issues faster and reduce on-call burnout.

    solution guide

    A DevOps Guide to Incident Response Software


    Make on-call suck less and improve business outcomes with automated incident response

    on-call marchitecture on-call marchitecture
    improve application delivery improve application delivery

    Improve Application Delivery 

    With native iOS and Android apps, receive metadata-rich notifications direct to any device. Act, resolve, reroute, even snooze alerts, all right within the app.

    Rapid Incident Response

    Automate time-sensitive aspects of incident response, including escalations, war room, and post incident reviews, so your teams can focus on resolving incidents.

    In 12 months, our mean time to acknowledge came down from 4 hours to 20 minutes. Now we’re 3 years in, and we’re under 2 minutes.

    Earl Diem, IT Operations Manager, PSCU
    rapid incident response rapid incident response
    incident analysis incident analysis

    Incident Analysis and Reporting

    With reports like Incident Frequency, MTTA/MTTR and Post-Incident Review, teams can manage alert noise, drive swift problem resolution, reduce burnout and promote innovation.

    Simplified On-Call Scheduling 

    Streamline your on-call schedules and escalation policies. From rotations to overrides, Splunk? On-Call automates all the essentials.

    Splunk On-Call has the most sustainable on-call schedule I’ve ever experienced

    Bethany Ross Abbott, Technical Operations Manager, NS1
    simplified scheduling simplified scheduling


    Automate key processes to reduce time to acknowledge and resolve incidents

    Get the right person on the incident based on their experience and expertise. Also streamline your on-call schedules and escalation policies.

    integrate integrate

    Integrate With Existing Toolkits

    Get started immediately with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations for infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, Slack, ServiceNow and more Set up takes moments — not days — with pre-configured API keys.

    built-in collaboration built-in collaboration

    Built-In Collaboration

    Native Splunk On-Call mobile for iOS and Android provides full incident response functionality without opening your desktop. Work from where you want with on-the-go-acking.

    real time insights real time insights

    Recommended Responders

    Splunk On-Call uses machine learning to recommend responders and identify similar incidents that help your teams have the right people and information to resolve incidents.

    Learn About Automating Essentials
    rules engine rules engine

    Rules Engine

    Add context to incidents and resources such as runbooks, articles, dashboard, etc., to help responders better triage and resolve incidents faster.

    Learn More about Continuous Improvement
    identify similar incidents identify similar incidents

    Identify Similar Incidents

    See historically similar incidents and their context and audit trail to help better resolve active incidents.

    pscu background pscu background


    PSCU Safeguards Reliability, Security Through the Splunk Platform

    No matter what you do, you’re going to have failures. The sooner you know, the sooner you can repair it, and the better you protect your user experience.

    Earl Diem, IT Operations Manager, PSCU


    Any Stack, Any Scale

    Connect monitoring tools and CI/CD tools to provide your teams the incidents and alerts they need to quickly resolve problems.

    integrations integrations

    Integrate Splunk On-Call with your observability solutions

    Find, fix, and resolve issues faster, with a complete approach to Observability. 


    How to Speed Incident Response Using an Unified UI

    Find out how to respond and resolve outages faster.

    full-stack observabilitY

    Splunk offers a single platform for all your observability needs

    rum rum

    Real User Monitoring

    The only full-fidelity, end-to-end visibility solution for end-user experience.

    Splunk RUM
    Log Observer Log Observer

    Log Observer

    Log analysis across your cloud-native application and cloud environments.

    Splunk Log Observer
    Infrastructure Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring

    Infrastructure Monitoring

    The only real-time, analytics-driven multicloud monitoring solution for all environments.

    Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring
    Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring for better digital experiences.

    Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

    Application Performance Monitoring

    Faster and simpler troubleshooting of any issue with your applications.

    Splunk APM

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