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    Intelligence-Driven Insights

    The recent escalation in the number, persistence and sophistication of cyber attacks is forcing businesses, governments and other organizations to aggressively reevaluate their need for protection.

    Splunk has partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton to address this challenge by delivering joint solutions that help organizations better protect their most critical systems. Together, Splunk and Booz Allen are enabling customers to:

    • Accelerate detection and mitigation of emerging cyber threats
    • Create a mission-centered approach to cybersecurity
    • Generate enhanced predictive cyber analytics and richer data sets to respond to business questions quicker

    Booz Allen Cyber4Sight? for Splunk: Security and Peace of Mind

    Booz Allen Cyber4Sight for Splunk is a threat intel solution that offers actionable intelligence to anticipate attacks. Cyber4Sight provides security professionals with the context needed to detect, investigate, and protect against cyber threats.

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    Booz | Allen | Hamilton

    Organizations are faced with an increased volume and sophistication of cyber threats, putting significant pressure on cybersecurity professionals. By bringing together Booz Allen’s best practices and intelligence with Splunk’s powerful analytics platform, we?can generate responses against?cyber threats with speed and precision.

    Angela Messer, EVP and Cyber Innovation and Talent Officer, Booz Allen


    SIEM - Security Information and Event Management

    Splunk’s analytics-driven SIEM goes beyond simple information and event management to build a stronger security posture.


    The Five Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SOC

    The only way to effectively consolidate the right people, process and technology to remediate and mitigate attacks


    Women in Technology: Meet Booz Allen’s Angie Messer

    Splunk talks with Angie Messer, EVP at Booz Allen to get her thoughts on the importance of women’s involvement in STEM and cyber initiatives.

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