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    Collaboration and Orchestration

    Data and insights on the go

    Access Splunk data, collaborate with your team and take action in new, innovative ways.


    You don't have to be a data expert

    Bring Splunk to everyone

    Analyze data and receive actionable alerts via mobile while on the go. Keep your team on the same page and easily monitor your business with rich TV visualizations.

    Investigate Anywhere

    Visualize information across familiar devices.

    take action
    Take Action, Anytime

    Address alerts and incidents, even when away from your desk.

    Collaborate Better

    Analyze any situation using rich TV visualizations.

    platform support
    Wide Platform Support

    For iOS, tvOS, Android and Fire TV platforms, with MDM provider and SAML support.

    Coordinate your global workforce

    Highlight dashboards for relevant teams by controlling TVs in a single location or managing them remotely.

    coordinate your global workforce coordinate your global workforce

    Ready to try?

    Get started with the companion app to connect your devices to Splunk.

    puget sound enery background puget sound enery background


    Puget Sound Energy Improves Response Time With Real-Time Data, Saves With Facility Intelligence

    Communication sites and 70 office locations now operating more efficiently
    In anticipated savings from consolidating analytics solutions


    Unreal ways to experience data

    Consume, interact and take action on data wherever it lives 

    real time intelligence
    Real-Time Intelligence

    Empower your workforce to quickly access live data on field assets.

    field workers
    Empower Field Workers

    Add contextual media and notes to specific assets in the AR environment for faster triaging.

    manage assets
    Manage Assets at Scale

    Import existing assets quickly and create AR workspaces that scale for your needs.

    Work “on-site” even if off-site

    Field workers can collaborate with remote teammates in real time, in the same AR environment.

    product screenshot product screenshot

    Simplify trend analysis

    Collaborate with your global team “in-person” on a 3D infinite canvas, and investigate data at scale in virtual reality.

    product screenshot product screenshot

    Ready to try?

    Get started with the companion app to connect your devices to Splunk. 


    Bring insights to more people in more places

    actionable intelligence

    Instant actionable intelligence

    Inform your team of outages, incidents and other occurrences with easily configurable alerts.

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    team collaboration

    Improved team collaboration

    Quickly analyze and collaborate across devices and locations.

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    workforce workforce

    Improved workforce productivity

    Collaborate better through automated workflows, guided processes and contextualized data.

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    Splunk AR: Experience Your Data

    Learn how Splunk AR ties Splunk data to real-world objects, so users can consume, interact and take action on data wherever it lives. 



    Turn data into doing

    Splunk Admin

    Empower more users with Splunk.

    Explore Splunk Platform

    IT/Data Analyst

    Detect and analyze issues before they become problems.

    Explore the IT Cloud


    Collect data from across your infrastructure.

    Explore Splunk Platform

    NOC/SOC Admin

    Detect and analyze outliers and resolve outages and attacks quickly.

    Explore the IT Cloud
    your team your team


    Explore other platform capabilities

    Our foundational data capabilities fuel outcomes for ITOps, security, DevOps and more.

    data streaming

    Data Streaming

    Learn More
    scalable index

    Scalable Index

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    federated search and analytics

    Federated Search and Analytics

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    machine learning

    Machine Learning

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    Find out how you can use Splunk Platform to turn data into doing.