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    Scalable Index

    Turn data into doing

    Splunk's unique investigative approach allows you to ingest and ask questions of any data — in the cloud or on-premises — for complete visibility.



    Get all your data into Splunk

    Collect and ingest data from thousands of sources and counting

    remote data
    Remote Data

    Collect data using the universal forwarder at TB scale from tens of thousands of remote machines.

    web data
    Web Data

    HTTP Event Collectors are a simple, load-balancer-friendly, secure way to collect data at scale.

    third party data
    Third-Party Data

    Use apps and add-ons for out-of-the-box ingestion solutions.

    Dive in with SPL

    Search Processing Language (SPL), our powerful query language, helps you investigate your data.

    dive in with spl dive in with spl

    Visualize without SPL

    Native table datasets allow you visual exploration and data prep for analysis without using SPL.

    visualize without spl visualize without spl

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    dominos background dominos background


    Why Domino’s is the world’s No. 1 pizza company. (Psst, it’s the data.)

    Nearly every team at Domino’s uses Splunk in some way. They don’t want to see whether a single component is healthy; they want to see the whole picture integrated with sales data, revenue and more. That way, they can see the impact their decisions have on the whole business.

    Mike Cox Operational Intelligence Architect, Domino’s


    Management at scale

    Optimize your deployment 

    Whether you’re using Splunk in the cloud or on-premises, we have features and tools to help you get the most value out of your data across IT, security, observability and more.


    Meet sudden bursts in data volume on Splunk Cloud Platform with zero downtime.


    Flexible data management for TCO reduction for Splunk Enterprise deployments.

    workload management
    Workload Management

    Optimize resources to meet business priorities.

    monitoring console
    Monitoring Console

    Check the performance of your Splunk deployment.

    Choose how to store your data

    Configure your data retention according to your auditing and compliance requirements.

    Deploy with ease

    Easily deploy and manage Splunk with our Operator for Kubernetes.

    deploy with ease deploy with ease

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    Start your free trial now and explore more platform features. 


    Bring data to everything

    deploy easily

    Deploy with ease

    With Splunk Operator for Kubernetes, deploy and manage Splunk Enterprise in a public or private cloud environment.

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    get data in

    Get your data in

    Find out how to index different data types and see what specific data sources can help you accomplish.

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    optimize your platform optimize your platform

    Optimize your platform

    Efficiently allocate system resources to various workloads and manage them through their life cycle.

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    Getting data into Splunk

    Join us as we discuss different data ingestion tools and the variety of flexible options to bring any and all of your data into Splunk, empowering you to make fully informed decisions. 



    Turn data into doing

    Splunk Admin

    Manage your enterprise data operations at scale.

    Explore Splunk Platform

    IT/Data Analyst

    Detect and analyze issues before they become problems.

    Explore the IT Cloud


    Collect data from across your infrastructure.

    Explore Splunk Platform

    NOC/SOC Admin

    Detect and analyze outliers and resolve outages and attacks quickly.

    Explore the IT Cloud
    your team your team


    Explore other platform capabilities

    Our foundational data capabilities fuel outcomes for ITOps, security, DevOps and more.

    stream processing

    Data Streaming

    Learn More
    scablable index

    Machine Learning

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    federated search and analytics

    Federated Search and Analytics

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    collaboration and orchestration

    Collaboration and Orchestration

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