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  • Splunk? IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

    Protect service performance with AIOps
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    Modern IT Management with AIOps

    End-to-end service visibility and streamlined incident resolution

    Business and IT Service Monitoring

    Protect business service-level agreements with dashboards to monitor service health, troubleshoot alerts and perform root cause analysis

    Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

    Use advanced analytics like anomaly detection, adaptive thresholding and predictive health scores to monitor KPI data and prevent issues 30 minutes in advance

    Protect Service Performance With Splunk IT Service Intelligence

    Product Capabilities
    A True AIOps Platform Provider
    Service Analytics Dashboards and Glass Tables 

    Monitor performance the way the business operates with pre-built dashboards that track service health and visually correlate services to underlying infrastructure.

    Service Deep-Dives

    Use side-by-side displays of multiple services and correlate metrics over time to identify root causes.

    Predictive Analytics

    Predict future incidents using machine learning algorithms and historical service health scores. Use adaptive thresholding and anomaly detection to automatically update rules based on observed and historical behavior, so your alerts never become stale.

    Intelligent Event Management

    Collect and enrich events from multiple sources into a single alerting framework. Real-time, automated event correlation triggers alerts as data enters the system, using out-of-the-box (OOTB) machine learning policies for immediate noise reduction. Incidents are automatically prioritized by service score and impact.

    Integrations With ITSM Tools

    Trigger service ticketing, on-call response or automated playbooks directly from your incident review for fast incident resolution.

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    Protect service performance with AIOps, powered by ITSI.