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  • Data-to-Everything? Pricing

    Splunk's flexible, value-based offerings make it easy to bring data to every question, decision and action.

    Ways to Buy

    There are a few ways to buy Splunk, suitable for any of your needs. If you are new to Splunk, we recommend exploring our Cloud Portfolios built for DevOps, IT, and Security teams on top of our Splunk Cloud Platform. If you have needs that require you to deploy Splunk in your own private cloud or on-premises environment, explore our Splunk Enterprise Platform and compatible individual offerings.

    Cloud Portfolios

    Integrated cloud portfolio packages, including Security, IT, and Observability Clouds, are specifically built to solve your Security, IT and observability needs and designed to help no matter where you are on your data journey with predictable Entity Pricing.

    Splunk? IT Cloud
    Splunk? Security Cloud

    *At present, only available in the US. Contact our sales team for more details.

    Splunk Cloud Platform

    Tackle many different use cases with the Splunk Cloud Platform and access pre-installed applications for Security and IT to get started quickly with your foundational Security and IT needs, available value-based Workload Pricing.

    Individual Offerings

    Get only the exact capability set to solve your individual use case in Security, IT, and observability before taking the step to go all in with Security, IT, or Observability Cloud. Explore logging, monitoring, application performance monitoring and more available with pricing options unique to each offering including Workload Pricing, Entity Pricing or Ingest Pricing.

    Splunk IT Individual Offerings
    Splunk Security Individual Offerings
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