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  • Splunk? Security Analytics for AWS

    Simplified security monitoring, threat detection, and investigation for lean security teams running on AWS
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    Quickly respond to security incidents in your AWS environment

    Security insights within hours, not weeks or more

    Product Capabilities
    Discover threats early using pre-built, AWS-specific dashboards and detections
    Speed through onboarding and configuration

    With our self-service, hassle-free data onboarding and configuration process, you’ll save weeks or more compared to getting started with traditional security software. With little manual input required, dashboards start lighting up with security insights soon after you finish onboarding your data.

    Visualize your AWS security posture

    Gain deep visibility into your AWS environment out-of-the-box. Splunk Security Analytics for AWS brings data from security-relevant AWS services such as Amazon CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer and other data sources--like Microsoft 365--into pre-built dashboards workflows to save you time and effort.

    Get to the root cause quickly

    Swiftly determine the scope and root cause of security incidents using detections pre-configured for AWS data sources. Use the offering’s Investigation Workbench to gather evidence and collaborate with your team.

    Avoid long-term lock-in

    Subscribe to Splunk Security Analytics for AWS in AWS Marketplace. With monthly pay-as-you-go pricing inclusive of 50GB/day of data ingest, you pay a low, flat rate each month you use the service rather than locking in annual payment schedules.

    What can you do with Splunk?
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