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  • Access Solutions for Remote Work

    Large teams of remote workers can add tremendous pressure to both IT and Security teams, and to the infrastructure they support. Splunk has curated a list of solutions that can help facilitate this shift to remote work. These packages are easy to install and run for existing Splunk customers. Check back often as we will continue to add to this list.

    VPN Infrastructure Monitoring

    VPN Session Status and Statistics and Client Information

    Monitor the security of your VPN services by tracking connections, identifying abnormal behavior and improving the mean time to resolve any service issues. 

    Data Loss Detection

    Help prevent data loss and leakage by monitoring for data hoarding, exfiltration and unauthorized USB device activity.

    Day-Zero Malware and Threat Hunting

    Protect Against COVID-19 Risks

    Identify and respond to potential COVID-19 phishing content. Analyze the location of employees to ensure safety.