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    Online Services

    See the forest and the trees

    Performing Your Best in the Virtual Age

    Application performance monitoring keeps software and gaming companies a level above with:


    • The rise of remote working
    • A boom in streaming, gaming, and other virtual activities


    Companies whose applications, software and platforms facilitate these experiences are dealing with challenges to their response time, usability and other performance management issues.

    You need to protect your assets, support the business, scale resources and establish governance.

    Business drivers that fuel technology organizations include responding to:

    online-services-business online-services-business

    Software and gaming industries have evolved to a DevOps mindset with constant delivery and constant integration. This drives the need for an integrated DevOps and IT ecosystem for:


    • Monitoring
    • Troubleshooting
    • Predictive analytics capabilities in delivering software services

    Customer Success Story

    Splunk Cloud at MindTouch

    MindTouch? uses Splunk Cloud? to monitor and troubleshoot its cloud-based service in real time and to help provide business analytics to its customers. Splunk Cloud's reliability allows MindTouch to guarantee 99.9 percent uptime in its service-level agreements (SLAs) with customers.


    Look to Splunk to Monitor, Secure, and Drive Innovation for Your Assets

    managing-cloud-and-hybrid-environment managing-cloud-and-hybrid-environment
    Managing Cloud and Hybrid Environments

    Build dashboards and report on the health of your entire IT infrastructure whether it's deployed on premises, in the cloud or both.

    mitigating-security-risks mitigating-security-risks
    Mitigating Security Risks


    Gain complete security visibility and prevent data breaches by aggregating and correlating data across your entire infrastructure.

    adopting-a-devops-approach adopting-a-devops-approach
    Adopting a DevOps Approach

    Find and fix bugs faster and guide development road maps for product innovation.

    improving-customer-experience. improving-customer-experience.
    Improving Customer Experience

    Measure and analyze customer behavior to improve site navigation and user interaction for better site conversion rates.

    improving-mobile-app-performance improving-mobile-app-performance
    Improving Mobile App Performance

    Deliver better performing and more reliable mobile apps.

    /improving-website-performance /improving-website-performance
    Improving Website Performance

    Index data across all tiers of the IT environment and proactively alert and respond to performance issues for maximum uptime.

    Real-Time Business Analytics and Insights

    New Zealand's online marketplace, Trade Me, relies on Splunk? Enterprise to provide critical digital analytics insights into ad campaigns as well as insights into customers' purchase patterns and behavior.


    trademe trademe
    Splunk Delivers Data Insights to Technology Companies to Power Their Businesses

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    What can you do with Splunk?