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    Public Sector

    State and Local Government

    Real-time insights for agency success

    Supporting organizations and communities during times of uncertainty

    Unleash Your Data

    State and Local IT leaders face multiple priorities, from modernization to risk management to citizen experience improvements, and they are increasingly turning to data-driven strategies. Only Splunk offers a cost-effective, extensible and massively scalable data-to-everything platform that helps state and local agencies make confident decisions and take decisive actions.


    With Splunk you can:
    • Maximize ROI by ingesting data once and using it across multiple agency challenges, be it cybersecurity, citizen service or modernization initiatives
    • Help reduce the crime rate in specific locations through hotspot maps
    • Proactively manage risk and meet various compliance mandates with the security analytics platform of choice among government agencies
    • Reduce human tedium, identify hard-to-find patterns and predict issues before they any adverse impact with AI/ML technologies

    Big Data for State and Local Government

    A study released by the TechAmerica Foundation revealed that 87 percent of federal IT officials and 75 percent of state IT officials say big data can have an immediate impact on how governments operate.

    raud-detection raud-detection
    Crime Detection

    State and local agencies are using Splunk software to apply resources based on geographic views of crime patterns sorted by type.

    any-machine-data any-machine-data
    Data Security

    Splunk Enterprise helps you discover the 'who, what, when, where and why' of any security event.

    transportation transportation

    Transit authority officials can use ticketing data correlated with GPS data to analyze rider habits, traffic schedules and other factors that influence how people get around town.

    government government
    Open Government

    Big data analytics can help governments improve the way they allocate funds by finding and eliminating potential inefficiencies in spending.

    public-safety public-safety
    Public Safety

    The Splunk Platform can help improve public safety and system uptime with end-to-end visibility across agencies and systems. Learn more

    Dutch Court System Dutch Court System

    Dutch Court System

    Splunk is very worthwhile. It allows us to focus on making strategic decisions, and that’s when changing mindset happens.

    Erik Boerma, Dutch Court System
    big-data-infographic big-data-infographic
    What can you do with Splunk?