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    Deliver reliable and secure experiences

    Hard Numbers on the Actual Value of Your Data

    Reliable and secure experiences across all channels for customers and associates

    Today’s consumer expects digital interactions to just work all the time, and any downtime to your website or in-store service impacts your bottom line. And safeguarding consumer privacy and winning your customer’s trust must be your top priority in a highly competitive marketplace. Imagine proactively resolving every operational and security issue before it impacts your customers and associates — without having to stitch together data silos. From easy at-a-glance dashboards to actionable alerts to the right stakeholders, Splunk, the Data-to-Everything Platform, has everything you need to enhance security, improve store and eCommerce reliability, and increase sales.

    At John Lewis, customer experience is more than just words; it’s a belief, and Splunk has helped us to better understand and improve the experience we offer our customers.

    Aleem Cummins, Release Manager & Splunk Lead, John Lewis
    See what the Data-to-Everything Platform can do for you

    Omnichannel Operations

    Minimize Downtime for Friction-free Experiences

    Gain visibility across channels and identify bottlenecks and errors that could impact digital services and the overall customer experience.

    minimize-downtime minimize-downtime

    Retail Cybersecurity

    Protect Customer and Business Data

    Gain visibility and security intelligence across your diverse retail landscape, systems and applications to reduce overall risk. Investigate faster and act on threats in record time.?

    protect-data protect-data

    Store Reliability

    Win Sales and Customer Loyalty

    Improve overall performance and health of store infrastructure, Point of Sale, retail applications, digital services and associate devices to deliver the best customer experience.

    win-sales win-sales

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    Performance, Reliability and Security for Every Retailer in the World

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    Modernizing Retail Operations With Data

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    What can you do with Splunk?