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  • Real-Time Marketing Insights Across Multiple Channels

    Marketers are looking to get deeper insights across multiple channels. These insights can drive improved marketing campaign performance, conversion rates and revenue. Splunk provides marketers with unique and real-time insights across digital channels as well as the ability to mashup machine data with structured data.

    With Splunk you can:

    • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness
    • Gain visibility into multi-channel interactions
    • Understand cross-channel and cross-platform usage
    • Drive efficient customer acquisition channels
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    Why Splunk for Digital Marketing?

    Splunk Enterprise can combine and correlate disparate data sets from multiple channels to help organizations optimize campaigns to improve marketing effectiveness.


    Marketing Analytics

    Measure marketing campaign effectiveness, customer segmentation and customer acquisition channels.

    Multi-Channel Analytics

    Powerful ad-hoc searches on data can uncover new digital channels to target and optimize.
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    Increase Conversion Rates

    Understand and improve shopping cart conversion in real time and over time.
    social media

    Social Media Analytics

    Correlating social media data with web/mobile data can provide new insights that will help you engage with customers more effectively.
    Customer Success Story

    Domino's Pizza

    Slicing Up Machine Data With Splunk

    Domino’s Pizza uses Splunk software to support its entire e-commerce environment. It enables them to combine and correlate data from mobile devices and POS systems for multi-channel analytics and provides real-time insights to help optimize their marketing campaigns and promotions.

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    Seamlessly search and analyze Hadoop-based data as part of your Splunk Enterprise deployment.

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    Splunk MINT

    Provides visibility into data from
    mobile devices.

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