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  • Cross-Tier Monitoring Across Your Virtual Infrastructure

    Virtualization can help you manage your datacenter more efficiently, but with the rapid adoption of virtualization in the datacenter, IT administrators now have new operational challenges on their plate. Virtual resources and underlying hardware can cause problems during incident investigations, capacity analyses, change tracking and security reporting. If you’re an IT administrator, you likely wrestle with limited control of virtual machine performance and security, incomplete usage analytics, and an inability to compare virtualization performance to other IT layers./p>

    The Splunk App for VMware provides end-to-end visibility and operational analytics for enterprise-class VMware vSphere deployments. The app is an advanced monitoring tool that delivers deep visibility into performance metrics, logs, tasks, events and topology from hosts, virtual machines and virtual centers. It enables easy correlation of data with information from any other tier of your technology stack, such as applications, operating systems, servers, storage and more.

    With the Splunk App for VMware, you can:

    • Instantly identify underperforming or distressed hosts, VMs and data stores
    • Visualize performance and trend KPIs to immediately expose problems
    • Explore errors and exceptions by relating granular performance metrics with VC and ESXi log data within a single console
    • Enhance visibility into the storage tier, including built-in correlation and direct drill-downs into NetApp Data ONTAP storage systems
    • Correlate vSphere data with data from applications, operating systems, physical hardware infrastructure and networks for end-to-end visibility
    • Analyze resource utilization, optimize and forecast future capacity using predictive algorithms
    • Monitor and find suspicious user activity, track potential attacks and audit user-initiated changes in your VMware infrastructure

    Monitoring Tools for VMware vSphere

    Operational Health Summary

    Get immediate visibility and monitor the workload and health of your VMware environment. Identify VMs that are waiting on CPU or memory resources, hosts that are over- or under-used, and data stores that are running out of capacity.

    Interactive Topology Views

    Use a visual interactive map of your VMware topology to gain immediate insights into the health of individual nodes (clusters, VCs, hosts or VMs) based on predefined thresholds. Instantly detect outliers, visualize trends and compare virtual entities and performance metrics to understand patterns over time.

    Capacity Reporting

    Proactively set alerts for real-time capacity monitoring, so you can assess capacity risk. Optimize your resource utilization by establishing baselines, understanding capacity usage, trending analysis, and identifying capacity shortfalls. Forecast CPU, memory and disk capacity needs and performance levels of hosts, VMs and data stores.

    Correlation Across Virtual and Physical Infrastructures

    Combine your virtualization data with data from all other technology tiers—including applications, operating systems, storage, networks and servers— to gain a complete, central view of KPIs of your datacenter. Identify under- or over-used storage resources, disk IOPS by ESXi hosts/VMs and discover hidden performance problems and capacity constraints.


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